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Barbell Apogee Day


We are a small gym that cares about working hard to get results for our members.  We  follow world-class programming delivered by highly trained, experienced, credential and caring Coaches to ensure we all get through the workout with proper movement, load and intensity each day.

  • Daily Warm-up, Strength & Workout defined, each day, for you. 

  • A certified, trained, experienced CrossFit Coach cue'ing you into proper movement patterns and appropriate load.   

  • World Class equipment to train on: Rogue International, Valor Fitness, Concept II, Assault Fitness

  • World Class Programming by Mayhem Affiliate.

  • Gym Tracking App – SugarWOD to track your progress

  • A highly supportive group of open minded members that all remember what was like to start CrossFit and all who want to help you on your journey…(#It’sTrueLookItUp)

"Nothing of value comes without work"

What is CrossFit & Why CrossFit Apogee?: About
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