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Medicine Balls

What We Value

CROSSFIT APOGEE is a place to learn, find and develop strengths - both physical and mental..  We share Time, Gear and Space and we have guidelines we try to adhere to out of respect for each other...

BE EARLY/ON-TIME - Be early so you are not late.  When early you can talk with others, do some light warm-up, or go to the bathroom before the class even starts!  Lots of great reasons to be early...


CLEAN UP - (of course) Put away the equipment you use.  Put it away clean.  Clean up your sweat.  Wipe off the barbells, the rings you grab, the pull-up bar up held.  Remember, there is usually a class right behind yours so help us to get ready.  


RESPECT THE EQUIPMENT - Drop with reason and when necessary. When you drop the weight you are not completing the lift - you are skipping a halfrep. Also, NEVER DROP an empty barbell.  

SAY SOMETHING - Granted, we have a unique facility and some oddities here and there but if something needs fixing or looking after, please mention it to a Coach so we can check it out.  


TRY - Effort Not Excuses we like to say.  It is true, effort earns respect.  Do the work of the prescribed workouts, do it as written or scaled but do it to the best of your ability.  That’s why you are here. 


TRY TO BE HEAVIER - You don't have to go home if you don't go heavy but you do need to increase load to promote muscle growth.  The only way to get stronger is to increase load.  Always strive to go a little heavier and a little faster.  CrossFit is about intensity - you control your intensity so program yourself to push, not coast.


SCORING - Yes, we time the workouts and call it a score.  Funny thing, no one really cares what your score was, but everyone will notice if you record BS numbers.  We don’t come here and work this hard to lie to ourselves.


TAKE OWNERSHIP,  BE SAFE,  BE KIND -  Be a responsible, respectful member and take pride in your gym.  Watch out for each other in and out of the gym.  Share equipment if not there’s not enough and be willing to adapt to situations if required.  Always be safe in what and how you do things at the gym and when in doubt, ask the Coach!


Thank you, 

All Of Us

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