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The WZA Week 1 Done UPDATE!

To continue…Rich completed his scaled WOD3 in the morning and submitted all three scores. Yolanda came in at 10AM and crushed hers and got the data uploaded. Heather got hers done after Yolanda and Blake finished strong at 4:30 re-doing WOD1 and scorching past his first score!

So, Mr Bloody Mary-Man, aka #MasterOfPuppets, Zach did make it to gym at 6AM and he owned WOD3 like we knew he would, and at RX, not scaled! So, before 7AM, he did a 600’ shuttle run, then 60 Pull-ups, another 400’ shuttle run, then 40 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups, and got most of the way through the 200’ shuttle run. Zach completed 5 of the 8 legs of the last 200’ shuttle run so did not make it to the BMUs at the end but did very, very well. He returned at 5pm to finish the other two workouts in about 90 minutes time and then got busy submitting videos and scores. It was close, it was difficult to upload to Insta and YouTube and then to the Competition Corner site It is time consuming, and can be a never racking endeavor when the network issues and bottlenecks persist but its all part of the game. Around 8:15 I checked the leaderboard only to find the entire site was down.

Our goal, our mission is to make to Miami and compete as Scaled Athletes. The plan is to get there via the Scaled Competition route since we are not “games” athletes. There is a process to follow and if lucky, you can secure a spot on the scaled competition floor. WHICH IS FULL of RX Level CrossFit’ers that did not make the top 20 cut to be Rx in their division. Even at Scaled, these are full-on hard AF workouts, and we are going at all-out exertion levels against some of the top CrossFit athletes in the world in these respective divisions.

The Scaled division is one of the toughest in that your competitors range from in skill as they may be a Master’s athlete with much knowledge and experience or they may be a young fire-breather that is normally working at Rx levels day-to-day but here, their competitive level is scaled - because the talent pool is so much deeper at these events.

Rank is not that important for us to get to to Miami to compete. We are going hard (85-100% effort levels) to see where we stack up but we are not expecting to be in the Top 10 and our plan to get to Miami is still in tact.

That said, here are some of my take aways -

Zach is like top 200 in his Master’s 35-39 Rx Division. And that’s doing all the workouts in just 10 hours with a day at work as your rest and recovery between the workouts …And STILL that’s Impressive placing.

Heather sits 586 out of 1736 Women. Notably, of the 5 women placing before her and the 5 placing after her, are all 10 - 15 years younger than her. (And she is working at 70% nursing an elbow injury). That’s super impressive. In CrossFit, youth is a major advantage, but not against all athletes.

Blake is in the top ⅓ of his broad world-wide division. A mixture of Rx athletes, young and masters too. He is one of those young firebreathers that gives us older folks such fits of frustration and lower rankings.

Yolanda is in striking distance after the first three workouts, sitting in 6th. She needs to be Top 5 to go in her division - and she is completely capable. Very exciting event to watch - GO YO GO!

And me, I’m doing all my workouts scaled this year, so I’ll always finish at the bottom of the stack as most everyone else in the division is doing them as Rx - and they should, they’re younger and stronger than me. But I plan on being the dark horse spoiler in Miami -(the age old story of that grouchy old one-legged guy they didn't see coming). #StayINTheFight. #StayINTheFight . #EffortNotExcuses

New Workouts to be released Thursday at noon and it all starts again. And we already have one competitor that knows she has to do them all on Monday! #EffortNotExcuses

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